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NEW RELEASE! "Juko Ryu Aiki Inyo Toide" by Soke Rod Sacharnoski 

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Essential Mind Group Publishing and Training is an independently-owned company committed to providing inter-related services that make a positive difference in lives of our customers. We accomplish this with a stream-lined, efficient, and customer-centered business model. 

Our products are designed to support the ideals of higher education, the goals of life-long learning, and the fulfillment of individual self-improvement.

The Publishing Division of the Essential Mind Group is a publisher for educators and independent authors throughout the realm of Higher Education, and the private sector. 
We provide short-run, on-demand, and electronic book publishing services for progressive educators, innovative educational institutions, entrepreneurial private organizations, as well as independent and first-time authors. 
We strive to provide students with affordable, relevant, current, and course-specific, educational texts and supporting materials.
We further strive to secure for our authors a platform with which to publish their work and some of the most competitive royalties within the realm of Higher Education.

The Training Division of the Essential Mind Group works with all levels of the Law Enforcement community to provide unarmed Use-of-Force training from the cadet level through to ongoing skill refinement with veteran officers. 
Training can be tailored to the needs of both on an individual officer and the larger Department-staff level.
EMG’s Training Division is also dedicated to providing Personal Protection training for the private sector.  Individuals and civic groups are encouraged to contact us for individually-tailored training, and safe workplace environmental-situational seminars.

While we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs and expectations of the vast majority of our clients, we understand that we can’t be everything to everyone.

We are an ethical and conscientious company.
As such, and if after assessing the needs of potential clients we determine that we will be unable provide the high-level of service we demand from ourselves, we will make every effort to refer them to a provider that can meet their needs.